Items not to Pack

The moving of non-allowables is a serious topic. Please take the time to become aware of what items are considered to be non-allowable. It is important to understand which items you can and cannot ship. There are rules and regulations that govern all movers to help ensure safety.


The following is a list of not-to-pack items. These items are non-allowables because they are flammable, corrosive or explosive.

  • acid
  • pool chemicals
  • gasoline
  • chemistry sets
  • poisons
  • fireworks
  • charcoal
  • pesticides
  • lighter fluid
  • motor oil
  • fertilizer
  • paint thinner
  • paint
  • loaded weapons
  • car batteries
  • weed killer
  • matches arrow list
  • ammonia
  • nail polish and remover
  • lamp oil
  • ammunition
  • propane tanks
  • liquid bleach
  • cleaning fluid
  • aerosols
  • batteries
  • kerosene

Prior to your move you should try to use up any non-allowable items that you can and sell or discard any that you can’t.

Items such as power or garden tools that run on gasoline should be drained of the non-allowable material and then they can be safely moved.

Battery operated tools and items should be disconnected from the battery. Remember batteries are non-allowables and should be discarded in an appropriate fashion according to local land-fill regulations.

Propane tanks need to be disconnected from your Bar-be-que before moving. Propane tanks should be returned to collection depots for that purpose.

Paint and paint thinner can be left in your house/apartment and labeled for the convenience of the new occupant. This also applies to fertilizer and weed killer. Consider this to be house-warming gift for the new owner(s).

While not in the same non-allowable category, other not-to-pack items would be things that may die or spoil while in transit. The following is a list of items that would fall into this category.

  • plants
  • pets
  • contents of your refrigerator
  • contents of your freezer
  • vintage wine collection

Please consider making special arrangements for the moving of these items in order to preserve them in optimal condition. See our moving with pets page and moving tips for plants page.

There are several items for which it would be wise to consider the services of a professional mover. While not on the non-allowable list items such as exercise equipment should be dismantled and packed correctly to ensure safety. Your professional mover has the experience and equipment to make sure that your move will proceed safely and that your goods arrive at your new home intact.

There are still a few other items which may be considered non-allowable by your mover because of the liability factor should these items become lost during a move.

The following is a partial list of not-to-pack items for which you may wish to make special arrangements or possibly carry with you as you move.

  • taddress book
  • moving files
  • personal files
  • medical records
  • personal video tapes/photos/albums
  • air line tickets
  • financial statements/bonds/stocks/deeds/tax records/cheque books
  • jewelry/sterling silver/coins/stamp collection/extra-ordinary value items
  • car keys/house keys
  • furs
  • research projects
  • ID/passports
  • medicine
  • school records
  • art

While these items can be moved by your moving company, it is possible that should your shipment be delayed or lost it could cause problems that no amount of insurance could ever solve. One should consider items that are either irreplaceable or sentimental to be non-allowables.

In conclusion

When moving, one is engaged in thinking about what to pack and how to pack but equally important is thinking about the not-to-pack items. There are many things that cannot be moved by a moving company because of rules and regulations concerning safety. There are other things that should not be moved by a moving company due to irreplaceable or sentimental values. By planning ahead and be being informed you can make your move much easier.

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