Moving Planner: Two Weeks before the Move

Danger Will Robinson! Danger! – Hazardous Items

Dispose of those items that might represent a hazard on your move [no, we’re not referring to your children] as well as those items that are prohibited to transport. With just two weeks left before your move, try to properly dispose of any hazardous chemicals that you may have in your basement. You probably might also want to visit our page on hazardous items here. And while you’re going through all of your old paint cans and thinners, don’t forget our suggestion to label and leave behind a variety of those half used paint cans from your house. If you leave a small letter on top of them explaining what is used in what room, the people moving into your home will be able to do some quick touchup works if they accidentally scuff or ding the walls while moving in. Think of how much you would appreciate it if someone did this for you.

Shed those pounds – Baggage Control

By this point, you’re probably beginning to pack some of your own clothes. Again, remember that most long-distance moving companies charge on the basis of weight, so use this sorting and packaging as an opportunity to divest yourself of any clothing you haven’t used over the last couple of years. Give one of those charitable organizations in your community a chance to help others. You might want to visit our charity page, here. And don’t forget all those unused items in your attic and basement. Two weeks before your move is the perfect time to take a shipment of older furniture or unused sporting goods down a charity where they can be put to a much better use.

I’m sorry Dave… – Computers

If you don’t use your computer very often; and you don’t think that you’ll miss it in the two weeks before your move; now’s the time to disassemble and pack it. Most computer manufacturers recommend that you only move a computer in its original packaging. If you happen to have kept the original boxes, terrific! If not, try to find a box that is just slightly bigger than your computer and use packaging peanuts around it. If you know someone who is computer savvy, you may want to have them remove the hard drive from inside the computer. This is the portion that holds all of your important information. And if you happen to have a CD or DVD burner in your computer, you still have two weeks before moving to try to backup all of your important information.

Newspaper subscriptions

If you have a newspaper delivered to your home, now is the time to let your delivery person know that you won’t be staying. Pay them in advance until the last day that you wish to get the paper, and don’t forget to give them a tip if their service has warranted it. If possible, you might want to try to arrange for the newspaper at your new home.

Let’s get physical – Your Gym or Spa

In the last two weeks before your move, notify the gymnasium or spa that you go to that you’re moving. If it is a national chain, you should have no difficulty in moving your membership to a different city. Depending upon how often you work out, you might want to either clean out your locker now, or wait until your last possible work out. By now we all know that exercise is an excellent means of stress relief, so try not to ignore your daily workouts simply because of the move. Try to keep your workout routine as close to normal as possible, and you’ll find that the added endorphins in your system help to make for a much more pleasant move.

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