Extraordinary Value Items: Packing and moving art, fine art, oil paintings

Moving extraordinary value items presents the extraordinary challenge of careful preparation and planning. This is especially true for items such as art, fine art and oil paintings.

Whether your art collection has real or sentimental value, you will want to do a good job of protecting your investment during a move. For pieces of significant value you will want to make sure that they are insured for loss or damage during the move. As part of this insurance you should have on file pictures of your art collection. These pictures should show each piece of art individually and detail its condition.

When moving a significant art collection it is important to consider using professional movers with experience to pack and move your art, fine art and or oil paintings. Professionals will crate your significant art pieces in wooden crates, which are custom made.

These crates will offer maximum protection for your valuable art pieces. Oil paintings can be removed from their frames and be moved in a protective art portfolio cases, while the frames can be crated or bubble wrapped in preparation for shipping.

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