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Extraordinary Value Items: Packing and Moving Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Estate Jewelry

Moving extraordinary value items presents the extraordinary challenge of careful preparation and planning. This is especially true for items such as your jewelry, fine jewelry and estate jewelry.

First off you should know that it is advisable to move your own jewelry especially true for fine jewelry or estate jewelry of extraordinary value. Having your mover carry your costume jewelry will not add significant expense to your shipment however the cost of insuring a valuable jewelry collection may be substantial.

Jewelry, fine jewelry and estate jewelry should be packed with care in order to preserve its value and maintain an unblemished appearance. Wherever possible, place your jewelry its original box. Cushion your piece(s) with soft cloth or with cotton. You can place many small jewel boxes into a larger box of an appropriate size and buffer the contents with Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap. Seal the box with stretch wrap and label.

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