Moving Planner: Eight Weeks before the Move

A great number of your moving expenses will be tax deductible. But it’s important that you start collecting receipts as early as possible. And keep them in a place where they can be readily added to over the next eight weeks during the moving process.

If you’re moving more than 40 km, you’re able to deduct quite a few things, including meals, your hotel room during the move, and a variety of other expenses. So at least eight weeks before you get moving, be certain to read our page on allowable moving deductions.

You want me to carry what?

Now that you’ve decided to relocate, somewhere between eight and ten weeks before the move you have to figure out whether you’re going to move yourself or hire a mover. While moving yourself will save you money, you may discover that the headaches involved in it outweigh any financial savings. If you’re moving any significant distance, you’ll probably want to hire someone. As well, if you’re relocating through work, or moving into another country, hiring at moving company becomes a virtual necessity. Starting this at least eight to ten weeks before the move will save everyone involved a lot of anguish down the road.

Find a Trusted Moving Company At Least Eight Weeks before the Move

Investigate moving companies and choose one at least eight weeks before the move. The summer months are invariably very busy for moving companies, so the more notice that you can give to one the better. You should know that June, especially the end of June, is by far the busiest moving season of the year. Many movers will even charge a premium for moving during this period, since they’ll have to be paying their workers for overtime. So if you have the luxury of deciding it, try to pick another month. You may wish to try and find a moving company through our moving company links here.

Finish all that paperwork!

Eight weeks before your move is definitely not too soon to try to finalize all of your real estate and rental transactions. And don’t forget about insurance! You’ll need to arrange insurance for that new house, or renters insurance if you’re interested in organizing it for your new apartment.

Dogs and cats. Living together. In the streets.

If you’re moving within the same state or province with a pet, then there’s no problem. But if you’re crossing provincial, state, or international borders, then all kinds of regulations come into play. At a bare minimum of eight weeks before your move you have to be certain to start arranging for your pet’s vaccinations and paperwork. If you’re traveling internationally with a pet, you probably want to begin this process even earlier. We’ve gathered together is much helpful material as we can and put it on our moving with pets page.

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