Moving Planner: Three Weeks before the Move

Boxes: Part Three

If you still haven’t gotten any boxes, now is definitely the time. Or if you’re running low on the boxes that you currently have, remember to stock up on more. If you only given yourself three weeks before the move to start packing, then you’re definitely cutting it a little close. If you’d like, you might get some ideas from our boxes page.

Moving Down the Road – Transporting your Car

If you have several cars and you’re uncertain as to what to do with them, you need to decide on one of three options: move them, sell them, or give them to someone else. We examine each of these possibilities in greater detail on our car moving page. No matter which of these options you decide upon, you should start working on it at least three weeks before you begin your move.

Feed me Seymour! – Moving Your Plants

Consider giving your plants to friends or to a charity if you’re moving from one province or state to another. In general, most houseplants do not travel very well. That being said, if you’re an avid horticulturalist and simply can’t bear to be parted from them, you will need to find out the various restrictions and regulations placed upon the import and export of your plants. Now that you only have three weeks until moving, you should be certain to read our moving with plants page.

An Uplifting Experience – Elevators and You

If you are moving into an apartment or high-rise with elevators, somewhere between three and four weeks before your move you should be certain to contact the building superintendent. Inform him of the date upon which you will be moving into the building, and try and reserve an elevator specifically for yourself. If you are paying a moving company by the hour, then you should be absolutely certain to have this accomplished. There’s no point in paying a moving company for standing in a hallway while they wait for an elevator again and again.

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