How to Lower Your Moving Costs

The lower your moving costs, the happier you will be at the end of your move! Use these suggestions to find ways to save money.

Reduce the load

Whether you pay a mover on an hourly rate or on total pounds moved, you will save money by taking fewer things with you. Consider these ideas for reducing your load:


• Is It Worth Moving?

Several movers have told us people often transport goods and furniture that simply are not worth taking along. Goods such as that worn out couch and chairs, that banged up IKEA kitchen table, or that big bulky futon that has seen better days are probably not worth the cost that you will incur in moving them. Use this as an opportunity to divest yourself of some of your older furniture and simply budget to buy new goods at your new home.

• Redecorating

Will you be redecorating extensively at your new home? If you will be, does your old furniture fit into your new decoration scheme? If your new home as a classic example of arts and crafts, then you’ll probably want to get rid of your Swedish Modern furnishings and start to pick up some Mission style. If you are just going to replace your furnishings soon after your move, then there’s probably no point in taking them at all. Hopefully some of what you save in transportation costs can be applied towards their replacements.

• Change of scenery

A change of locale often brings a change of lifestyle. If you’re moving from the mountains to the prairies, then it’s a good bet that you’ll no longer need your mountain climbing gear. Likewise, if you are moving from the country to the city, it’s probably time to put that Skidoo up for sale. If you’re moving from the coast to somewhere landlocked, the same goes for your Seadoo.

• It’s working fine, but…

Your ten-year-old washer, dryer, and fridge may be working fine, but should you take them along? Major appliances are constantly improving their efficiency of energy and water consumption. The savings from using new appliances and not moving the old ones may be worth considering.

Your old piano is another item to consider leaving behind. It may be the heaviest single item in your home, therefore costly to move. Unlike violins and fine wine, pianos do not get better with age. And perhaps you are ready for a better quality instrument anyway.

• Simplify your life!

Many people find that reducing the amount of “stuff” in their lives, from clothes in the closet to souvenirs and photos, etc., helps to clear their minds and free them for new adventures. Simplification is a worthwhile goal in itself. Why not use the move as an opportunity to break out of your clutter?


• Give It Away

Go through your attic, your basement, and any other storage areas to find all of those things that you have used in an eternity. A good general rule of some four deciding whether to keep something is, “Have I used this within the last two years”? If the answer is no, then chances are there is no point in taking it on your move. Find a worthwhile charity in your city, and give yourself a good feeling by helping another person.

• Sell It

If you don’t want to simply give your extra goods away, then hold a yard sale, or list them on eBay. Remember, every pound of goods that you can get rid of will help to lower your moving costs.

So prior to your move, make sure that you take a look at each of the above areas in an effort to lower your moving costs. Remember, you can very easily lower your moving costs by omitting some of your possessions.

Choose a better time

The moving business has extreme peaks of demand, when the movers are very busy and somewhat stressed. If you can time your move to avoid such times, you have a better chance at a reduced price, and the mover will be more able to give your household the attention you want.

High-demand, premium-price moving times:

  • Beginning and end of each month
  • Summer school break
  • Winter holidays

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