A Smart Moving Announcement Can Help You Have a Stress Free Moving

How do we approach moving announcement in the family? How to break the news?

To make the move as easy on your family as possible, and to secure a stress free moving for yourself as well, you could break the news by making the moving announcement in a family meeting. If your family never has meetings, you could still do it during a family meal either at home or in a local restaurant. Our advice to you: don’t expect that everyone will be pleased about the move. If you want a stress free moving, start your moving announcement with explaining your family why the move is needed, and what are the benefits and advantages of it. Don’t forget to tailor your explanations to the age of the children.

Moving with children of very young age is, generally speaking, not that much trouble. They may just need reassurance that they will be moving with mommy and daddy. In case you are moving to be closer to relatives, the chances are your youngest children will be very pleased when you tell them this is the reason for the move.

Usually, older a child is, more trouble coping with the move he/she will have. Older, school going children will be concerned about leaving their old school and friends and having to adjust to a new school and make new friends – that’s why you will probably have some more difficulties moving with children in this situation. They will want to know more and you should be prepared to tell more.

Teens will be the most upset by the move as they have perhaps developed strong relationships with their friends, and so it is not surprising that many people have difficult time moving with teenagers.

My spouse doesn’t want to move

It could be that your spouse does not want to move. Again, the key here is an open and honest communication that will help you and your partner decide, together, if the move is the right decision for your family. Going through a list of the pros and cons and discussing each one may help draw out the reason for the hesitation in moving. Once you know the reason, you can talk about the ways to resolve the issue. Note that this discussion could be critical to success of your marriage. With the support from your spouse, it will be much easier to make a moving announcement to your children; not to mention that resolving the issue with your partner will certainly get you closer to a stress free moving.

Hesitating about moving

Finally, you may be hesitating about the move yourself. This is not uncommon as we start questioning our decision to move for the second time. Take control of the situation by going once again through your pros and cons list. Get to know the town you are moving to as much as possible and as early as possible – that can help you ease the fear of moving somewhere you do not know anything about. Even before the move, you could look out for clubs or groups to join after moving into the new place. Finally, the Internet has a wealth of information, including our moving guide and stress free moving planner: dig in, because it can help you feel more in control of the move and you will be able to better cope with your changing emotions and moods.

Moving to a different city is not an easy decision – not even when it is just you moving. It is considerably more difficult if you are moving with children. To make it easier on yourself, your kids and your spouse, go for an as much stress free moving as possible – do your part: make a well-timed, well-planned moving announcement and hope that everything will, eventually, come to its place.

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