Moving Planner: One Week before the Move


When it comes to labeling moving boxes, there seem to be two schools of thought. Some people prefer to do it as they’re packing so that they can list some of the contents on the outside of the box. Others prefer to do it in one fell swoop of labeling mania. Whichever method you choose, remember that you only have one week before your move, and the easier that you make it to identify objects during unpacking, the better. You may wish to visit our page on how to pack, or to print out some of our printer ready pre-made labels. We’ve even colour coded them for even easier identification.

Minor repairs

With just one week left before your move, this is the time to do any minor repairs around the house. While moving some of your larger items in preparation for the move, you may have scuffed your walls, or even slightly gouged them. A quick application of some wall filler or a quick splash of paint should bring everything back to shape. Take a quick walk around the outside of your home and inspect it for any damage that might need to be repaired. If you haven’t already packed your lawnmower, now is probably the best time to do your final lawn cutting. Afterwards, let the mower cool down and then drain it of gasoline and oil. Remove the handle and it’s ready to go.

Last-minute pickups

We’ve reminded you about all of these things in earlier sections, but we’ll list them again in case you still haven’t done them. Visit all of the laundromats and dry cleaners that you use and be certain to pick up all remaining items from them. Return all of those videos and DVDs that you’ve got lying around the house, and see if you need to do anything to move your membership to where you’re going to live. Gather together any keys that you might have lent out to neighbours. If you have a garage door opener, take it out of your car and leave it with the letter that you’re going to leave for the next person moving into your home. At least one week before the move, try to prepare a small basket with all of the items that you are going to be required to hand over to either the new owner or to your real estate agent.

Your Real Estate Agent

If you’ve chosen to use a real estate agent, make certain that they know the address and phone number of the location that you’re moving to. You should also provide an address and telephone number of where you can be reached until you get to your new home. You might also wish to leave this information with your current neighbors, and don’t forget goodbye gifts for any of your neighbors with whom you are especially close.

Do You Take Diner’s Club? – Paying Your Mover

Arrange for a means of payment for either your local mover or van line agent. If you’re using a long-distance van line, you should contact them to ask about accepted methods of payment. If you’re using a local mover, the preferred means of payment are usually credit cards or cash.

Ready, Aye, Ready! – Necessary Goods

Planning those items that you’re going to need to take with you is an extremely important segment of your move. While you don’t want to be caught short of some necessary item, you also don’t want to be bogged down with too many things. Your ‘first night bag’ should include all of those items that you’re going to need immediately after you get to your destination. Try to remember to have one set of clothing for the actual move, and put another set in a plastic bag that you will take with you. This way, you’ll have something clean to change into for the restaurant dinner on your first evening there. You should also pack any necessary medicines and toiletries.

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