A Box for All Reasons

Using the right box for the right job will prevent those moving problems that we’ve all experienced in the past – boxes with crushed contents, piles of boxes where the bottom box collapses, or boxes where the bottom falls out while we’re carrying it. Most boxes should be packed so that they contain between 20 and 35 lbs [10 to 15 kg] of weight. Any less than this and too much time will be spent carrying the boxes between the truck and their final destination. Any more than and the people moving the boxes will be worn out long before the job is finished! Here’s a list of some of the general and specific boxes that can be used during your move. If you’re interested in buying any of these, you might wish to check out our moving box sales page.

Small Moving Boxes

These are the quintessential boxes chosen for moving heavy books. They are perfect for packing heavier items such as magazines and books, tools, heavy kitchen utensils or cutlery. Anything that’s small but fairly heavy should be placed within this style of box. The size is usually around 40 by 30 by 23 cm making it convenient for all of those knickknacks sitting on the shelves around your home.

Medium Moving Boxes

These are the next step up, and are great for children’s toys, books, videos, pots and pans, small kitchen items, and shoes. Since it’s roughly the size of a large drawer, they’re perfect for any items which you would generally find in drawers. They’re also perfect for smaller articles of clothing and bed linens. The size of these boxes is usually 45 by 35 by 30 cm.

Large Moving Boxes

This is the size of box which you will probably use the most of during your move. A lot can be packed into them without making them become too heavy to lift. It’s perfect for items which have a large size but low weight. Examples of this would be; blankets and bedspreads, lamps and lampshades, pillows and bedding, and some larger toys. The size of these boxes is usually 50 by 50 by 40 cm.

Extra-large Moving Boxes

Again, these boxes are generally best for large size [or volume] but low weight items. Pillows, comforters, jackets and coats, assorted winter gear, and also cushions from couches and sofas. The size of these boxes is usually 60 by 60 by 40 cm. They are also great for storing things after your move

Heavy-duty Boxes

In size, heavy-duty boxes usually sit between a large and a medium at roughly 45 by 45 by 60 cm. They have a double wall construction for extra safety and durability, and are generally employed for packing dishes, China, stemware, glasses, or any other household breakables. These very sturdy boxes are also excellent for packing objects from the garage or storage room such as tools and those small but heavy metal objects usually found in a workshop. If you’re packaging tools in one of these boxes, you probably want to wrap about a half-dozen or so in bundles of newsprint and then place them within the box. If you’re using it for China or glassware, you can either use newsprint or bubble wrap and packing peanuts for maximum safety.

Wardrobe Boxes

These are specially constructed boxes made specifically for holding articles of clothing. You may pack your clothes straight from your closet onto the metal hanging bar of a wardrobe box. Owing to the amount of weight which they will be containing, they are invariably also a double walled box. You may want to begin packing them by placing your shoes and slippers in the very bottom of the container. After this your clothing can be moved directly from your closet onto the bar, guaranteeing that they will stay almost completely wrinkle free. Due to the fact that they will probably be an extra heavy box, you may want to use a moving Dolly in transporting them. And don’t forget that you can keep them for storing clothes in your basement or attic after your move. The size of these boxes is usually 60 by 60 by 100 cm

Document Boxes

We’ve all seen these sturdy “bankers style” boxes before, and their perfect for transferring files directly from filing cabinets thereby ensuring an easy set up at the other end of the move. They usually have detachable lid which fits directly over the top of the box. As well, they come equipped with built-in handles on their end to facilitate easy carrying. Generally these boxes are around 40 by 30 by 25 cm.

Picture Frame Boxes

Designed specifically for holding pictures, paintings, and mirrors, these very thin boxes are to be used when transporting or storing your artwork or other very narrow objects. If it is correctly wrapped, they are also perfect for transporting glass panes or works of stained-glass. Bubble wrap should almost always be used when transporting an object in these boxes. The length and width of these boxes can vary, but they are all around 15 cm thick.

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